How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Donate Now

You may send your gift or in-kind donation to:

The Otis Uduebor Sickle Cell Foundation
P.O. Box 471
Rowlett, TX 75030-0471

Help Host a Blood Drive

We have partnered with Carter BloodCare to host blood drives throughout the North Texas region. For each person who gives blood, we receive a credit to help persons with sickle cell disease who cannot afford the cost of receiving blood. Help save lives! Contact us now about hosting a blood drive at your school, work, church or organization. You can also use our sponsor number: SPON-043025 whenever you give blood with Carter BloodCare, and we will receive credits to help others affected by sickle cell disease!


Join our volunteer team. You will receive information on opportunities to help encourage sickle cell patients at hospitals as well as support our sickle cell family and public awareness events.

Join Now!

Spread the Word

Share our website with a friend or add a link to us on your MySpace, Facebook or other social network.

Share Your Ideas

We welcome your suggestion of successful programs that serve our mission of empowering persons with sickle cell disease to live long, healthy and purposeful lives; supporting their families and friends; and increasing public awareness of sickle cell disease.


We appreciate your prayers on our behalf and for those whom we serve in the sickle cell community.

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